Why now?

Dream of having your own place in the Caribbean? Don't we all. The current crisis has brought some special opportunities for buyers. We have Condos starting at $30,000 and villas at $110,000. In some cases motivated buyers will accept much less than the asking price or the real value. Check our web site for details. If you come across anything you like on any other web site email me the link. I will do the research and leg work for you and get right back to you.

Many smart younger and middle aged people are buying now. These places pay for themselves due to rental income so when they do retire they will not be priced out of the market.

strong>Cabarete Beach - Miles of surf, sun and sand!

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Why "NOW" is a good time to invest in Dominican Real Estate:.

Depending on who you listen to, the markets in the USA and world wide are going through a "correction" or they are in "crisis". While no one can really predict the future in detail, it will be some time, perhaps years, before the USA and world markets recover and the real estate markets in those countries regain what they have recently lost. So why is now a good time to invest in the Dominican Republic?

  1. The Dominican Republic has the lowest prices of any island in the Caribbean. Most islands have condos, villas and land at double the price. Even if the prices of property on other islands stabilizes, ours will double before we are even. Your investment will be secure and be appreciating well ahead of USA and other real estate markets.
  2. This island has so much more going for it. Because of the size and topography, we grow our own food. Other islands import most if not all their food and it becomes expensive to live and retire there.
  3. Other islands are so very limited in terms of things to see and do. Here we have large old cities to explore, mountains to climb, water falls to slide down, whales to watch, and hundreds of miles of deserted beaches to enjoy. I have visited other islands and you can drive around them in a day or in some cases half a day. You will live here for many years and still have more to explore.
  4. It is a great time to invest because 85 million baby-boomers are retiring in the next 20 years, starting now. At least 25 million of them have enough money to move south. Their parents went to Florida and Arizona. The kids, the baby-boomers prefer the Caribbean. The smart ones are already buying now as prices will go up in the next few years. We expect that to continue at least until we are priced the same as the other islands.
  5. This is becoming known as one of the premier golfing destinations in the world, with more world class courses being added all over the place. Check the golf page link to the left.
  6. We have some very motivated sellers. There loss is your gain. There are some real bargains out there in every price range.

There you have it. Six solid reasons for investing now. Call or email us at Prestige Realty. Come and stay with us at the Casa Blanca Hotel. William Ostermann P.R.C.

strong>What you want to get away from!

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