Selling: Get ur Sold!

Selling your property

If you want to sell your property, Prestige Realty can make sure it gets marketed properly to potential buyers around the world as well as locally. We advertise on a number of different websites as well as our own, and we advertise locally in newspapers.We even have what most others do not, offices and web sites in various countries where our many buyers come from.

We don't charge you any upfront fees for marketing your property and our selling commissions are lower than you may expect.

For Sale By Owner: That works some of the time back home. Here it is extremely difficult for you the owner to connect with a buyer who is only here for a few days and does not know his way around. In almost every case, people who try to sell their own place will end up with less money than if they used our professional services with our world wide advertising. Even after commissions we get you more. Call or email us and we will get you the right buyer for the right price.

Call your Agents in the No Snow Zone, William Ostermann PRC right away to get your place listed with the best!


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