Agents & Referrals

Agents: We are in the process of developing the best team of agents along the North Coast. We offer very good commission spits and low desk fees. While we prefer to have people with some experience join our team, we will consider training as a possibility for the right candidate. If you are already working in real estate, your inquiry will be held in the strictest confidence.

If you live in Canada, the USA or Europe, and you are a professional Real Estate Agent in your home country, we have special opportunities for short term sales, from one month to six months. Escape the cold, work a couple days a week, and make some extra money while you enjoy the Caribbean!

If you are an Agent and you know of buyers, we will send you a referral form and when they buy through us you will be paid up to 25% of net commission. The commissions here are often 10% of the sale price for properties under $200,000. If your buyer purchases a condo for $160,000, you could end up with $3200 deposited into a account opened up for you in the Dominican Republic.

Please take the time to peruse our web site. We all know there are some folks in this business who should not be. We are interested in people of the highest integrity, people who know how to work as a part of a dedicated team of professionals. Call or email for an appointment.

Referrals: With an agreement in place you can set up a Dominican Caribbean page on your home town Real Estate web page. When you send a client down you get paid and you can save up the money here in the Dominican or have it wired to you anywhere in the world.

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Prestige Realty

strong> We also can have a home constructed for you!

We deal with the following types of properties:

Cabarete villas
Caribbean condo
Caribbean oceanfront
Caribbean villas
Condo Dominican
Condos Dominican
Dominica villa
Oceanfront Caribbean
Sosua condo rental
Villa Dominican
Villas Caribbean
Villas Dominican